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Who, What and Why Record Geeks?

With the resurgence of vinyl we believe that the time has come to create a standard that will also serve, we hope, to hold record companies and the pressing companies they use to higher standards. There are some releasing LPs that sound and look wonderful. Others...not so much. So this site serves to keep them honest and also as a guide for record buyers since it's no fun finding out about a problem after you get the record home.

About how we score

All records are graded on 5 criteria: Sound, Pressing Quality, Noise, Packaging and Extras (Download/CD, Lyric Sheet, etc). Naturally these overlap each other a little but it allows us to be a little more specific since a record can be pressed well but still have noise issues, or be quiet and still have a weave (when the record spindle hole isn't centered causing the record to spin slightly off center and vary in pitch). Each of these 5 criteria are graded on a scale of 1-10 with corresponding notes. These scores are compiled for a total possible score of 5.0. New vinyl releases are graded more strictly in the "Extras" section since digital counterparts were not common until the last few years.

Basic Guide to Overall Scores

0.5 - 1.4 = BAD, don't buy!
1.5 - 2.8 = Poor, only buy if you have to have the album on vinyl since the digital will probably do
2.9 - 3.6 = Good, many records will score in this range, some issues but no deal breakers, as good or a little better than digital
3.7 - 4.4 = Excellent, these are great sounding records that put their digital siblings to shame
4.5 - 5.0 = The Best, only a handful of these might be in a collection of 1000 LPs


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