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Professor Louie and The Crowmatix

Wings on Fire

Reviewed by Rob Peoni on 06.23.2013

This album features the backing band from the solo work of legendary bassist of The Band, Rick Danko and the veteran musicianship shines on the crisp production found here. The LP has the aesthetic of one of Levon Helm's "Ramble Sessions" with the production quality of a major studio release. Sharp play on guitars and rich vocal harmonies dominate a release with its roots planted firmly in the Americana and R&B that have remained such vital parts of our country's musical landscape over the last half-century.

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Overall Sound:


Pure professionalism paints every inch of this album's auditory landscape. Rich vocal harmonies and sharp instrumentals are the defining quality of this release. The musicians sound loose, yet confident. The tones are beautiful and clear, nearly to a fault. There are little risks in the production, but that is more a matter of personal preference than a knock on the release itself.

Pressing Quality:


No noticeable weave. The record is thick and sturdy. Very minimal warping: not enough to affect the sound, but still visible. Standard issue jacket. Some minor folding on the paper sleeve. All in all, the pressing is somewhere between good and very good.

Vinyl Noise:


No irritating noise or static. Minimal pops and crackling between songs. No stylus angle distortion or increased noise near the center of the record. Consistent, high quality sound throughout.

Overall Artwork:


Simple, tasteful art and design. The cover art is obviously inspired by the title 'Wings on Fire.' The red, pink, and purple hues give the impression of some crow-like phoenix rising from the shadows. It's not my favorite, but it works.

Overall Extras:


The extras are limited to the .mp3 download with the album purchase. No insert or toys, but also no gimmicks. The paper sleeve is sufficient. The vinyl adds a warmth to the straightforward production of the release, but don't look for any bells and whistles with the vinyl edition.

Reviewed By:
Rob Peoni

I'm a longtime music junkie who began collecting vinyl around three years ago. I have around 300 titles that span a broad variety of genres. I tend to gravitate toward...

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Total Score

: 3.65



Label: Woodstock Records
Release Year: 2012
Purchase Price: 19.95
Pressing Company: Unknown
Format: 12 inch LP
# of Records: 1
Pressing Weight: regular
Color: black
Gatefold: No
Digital: Yes
Inner Sleeves:

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