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Carolina EP

Reviewed by Rob Peoni on 07.02.2013

TEEN picks up where it left off on its 2012 debut on this lush, synth-heavy EP that feels more expansive than its five tracks. Former Here We Go Magic member, Teenie Lieberson remains the driving force behind this familial four-piece. This time the quartet feels more focused, with the tangents into experimental psychedelia appearing more deliberate. This results in a tighter sound that proves more road-ready.

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Overall Sound:


Dense layers of synthesizer weave into an accessible pop fabric. Hardly a breath between the EP's five tracks, it's easy to see why this EP was released on 12 inch vinyl. So much sound for an EP! The sound is broad and powerful enough to fill up the listening space, but never feels heavy or bogged down. The vocals are ethereal and bouncy with hooks that listeners will find engrained in their brain long after the disc's final revolution.

Pressing Quality:


No noticeable warp or weave. No static or noise throughout the play. The pressing feels heavy and durable. The black pressing and standard issue jacket aren't much to look at, but this EP has it where it counts. The EP plays at 45 RPM, which may prove a problem for some.

Vinyl Noise:


No noticeable static or skipping either between songs or during the EP's five tracks. There is the occasional pop, but never anything pronounced. The only noise found here is the spaced-out synth work of the band itself.

Overall Artwork:


The cover art was designed by Jake Fried. The front cover is set against a black background. It looks like an oil painting on wood, but I can't be sure - with two demon-like faces. One appears to be reaching into the skull of the other, but the skull serves as a portal to some kind of abstract field. There's nothing beyond the cover art itself to hold the listener's visual attention.

Overall Extras:


There's not much to say here. The EP includes a digital download, and that's pretty much where the extras stop. No additional artwork. Plain, white paper sleeve. Standard issue paper jacket. Black, 12 inch vinyl. No additional artwork on the pressing itself. However, this fits Carpark's minimalist design aesthetic.

Reviewed By:
Rob Peoni

I'm a longtime music junkie who began collecting vinyl around three years ago. I have around 300 titles that span a broad variety of genres. I tend to gravitate toward...

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Total Score

: 4.05



Label: Carpark Records
Release Year: 2013
Purchase Price: 9.98
Pressing Company: unknown
Format: 12 inch EP
# of Records: 1
Pressing Weight: unknown
Color: black
Gatefold: No
Digital: Yes
Inner Sleeves:

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