Vinyl Pressing Review

Eleanor Friedberger

Personal Record

Reviewed by Rob Peoni on 08.08.2013

Friedberger picks up where she left off on her nostalgic 2011 solo debut. The former frontwoman of Fiery Furnaces continues to make an argument for consideration in one of the best pop rock tunesmiths of the last decade. This batch of guileless, accessible and deceptively mellow rock songs makes crafting one of the year's strongest efforts look entirely too easy.

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Overall Sound:


Engineered, mixed and produced by Eric Broucek at DFA Studios, Personal Record offers no fuss, frills or flash. Every sound on this record is presented in a pristine, surgical fashion. The vocals are up front. The mix is balanced with every instrument provided an ample share of the spotlight.

Pressing Quality:


The black vinyl pressing is thick, sturdy and appears durable. The paper sleeve and jacket are standard issue. There is no warping, weaving, or other manufacturing flaws present. The LP doesn't play especially loud, but the volume is consistent throughout.

Vinyl Noise:


There is some minor static at the outset of the A-side of our pressing. No popping or skipping whatsoever. Overall, it's a very quiet pressing that matches the album's crisp production.

Overall Artwork:


The front cover art features a woman extending her arm, mid-stroke, in a crystal clear swimming pool. The back cover is an underwater look at the sky and palm tree, presumably from the pool. The result puts the viewer in the fishbowl perspective of the swimmer on the cover. The album includes a poster that features the swimmer grasping the pool's wall, achieving her "personal record."

Overall Extras:


Digital downloaded is included. The promotional poster is printed on high quality, glossy paper and is a nice continuation of the album artwork.

Reviewed By:
Rob Peoni

I'm a longtime music junkie who began collecting vinyl around three years ago. I have around 300 titles that span a broad variety of genres. I tend to gravitate toward...

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Total Score

: 4.30



Label: Merge Records
Release Year: 2013
Purchase Price: 18.98
Pressing Company: unknown
Format: 12 inch Lp
# of Records: 1
Pressing Weight: unknown
Color: black
Gatefold: No
Digital: Yes
Inner Sleeves:

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