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Armed With Legs

Armed With Legs

Reviewed by Rob Peoni on 08.27.2013

Armed With Legs is a Seattle two-piece comprised of Jim Vermillion and Nick Krivchenia. The duo loops restrained synths, guitars and breathy vocals around a backbone of bass and drums. The result is a danceable blend of indie pop that should prove accessible to fans of Foals and Dusted.

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Overall Sound:


Armed With Legs achieves astonishing production quality on this LP, particularly given the album was self-released. The rhythms are tight and crisp. The vocals are breathy and inviting in spots and experimental and distorted in others. This adds a textural depth that proves broader than the band's two-piece format. The live looping never feels manufactured or automated, remaining organic despite its reliance on pedals.

Pressing Quality:


The album feels thick and sturdy. No scratches, scuffs, warping, weaving or other manufacturing flaws present. The volume remains consistent throughout. The paper sleeve and jacket are both standard issue. The rating will ultimately suffer due to lack of extras, but this LP has it where it counts: the sound.

Vinyl Noise:


Very quiet pressing, even between tracks. No popping, skipping or static present whatsoever.

Overall Artwork:


I love the cover art of this album. It has the feel of an abstract oil painting with some kind of white figure rising from a serpentine tangle of colored ribbons. The rear cover carries over from the front. The color scheme is warm. No additional artwork to speak of.

Overall Extras:


No extras to speak of.

Reviewed By:
Rob Peoni

I'm a longtime music junkie who began collecting vinyl around three years ago. I have around 300 titles that span a broad variety of genres. I tend to gravitate toward...

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Total Score

: 3.90



Label: unsigned
Release Year: 2013
Purchase Price: 12.00
Pressing Company: unknown
Format: 12 inch LP
# of Records: 1
Pressing Weight: unknown
Color: black
Gatefold: No
Digital: No
Inner Sleeves:



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