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Kam Kama


Reviewed by Kasey Bradley on 10.14.2014

I've always liked Kam Kama - they've got that dark 80s post-punk kind of sound that makes me want to go out and get in to trouble at 2am. Their debut LP follows one 7" and a 12" EP and, following those releases, you can tell how much the band has grown. There are a handful of vinyl noise issues with the release, but none that would keep fans of the darker side of indie rock from purchasing a copy.

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Overall Sound:


As a band, Kam Kama sounds great on record - their live sound and their recorded sound are the same (something you can't say for a lot of bands). The driving rhythms and the amount of reverb and chorus gives Kam Kama a sort-of "Wall of Sound" sort of effect that works great on headphones or a pair of big speakers. The only thing that really stood out as an issue was the vocal mix - it's only just a little too high, and a little too crisp in comparison to the instruments.

Pressing Quality:


No noticeable needle weave or inner-groove distortion. Some slight warping but not enough to effect overall quality. The copy we received did have a little spot on the last track of side 1 with a scratch, but this could have been just a one-off mistake.

Vinyl Noise:


Kam Kama's sound will probably mask this on some players, but we noticed some light hissing and some not-so-light popping throughout both sides of the LP. That being said, we have seen a lot worse. Most of the mistakes are never too loud or noticeable (except between tracks) and you will probably only notice if you're listening for them - but they are consistent throughout.

Overall Artwork:


The cover art (an abstract combination of black, light cream, and red evoking a plume of smoke or dust) meshes well with Kam Kama's sound, but it's hard to pin down why it works past "they just seem like they go together." The insert is simply white paper with a tasteful typeface but no other imagery to speak of. The labels are a light cream with the typeface from the cover (with the white replaced by red). Overall, a pretty handsome package with great design planning - the plain insert would be the only thing keeping this from becoming a 10.

Overall Extras:


Minimal insert (with lyrics), but everything else looks good. You can't forget overall presentation. We didn't receive a download card with our copy - so keep that in mind if you see a this album in the wild. We love and support the world's independent record stores, but if you want to be sure you get downloads then consider buying this directly from Sister Cylinder.

Reviewed By:
Kasey Bradley

I'm a diehard collector of music in all formats - willing to not only listen to your work but also subject my friends, family, and...

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Total Score

: 3.50



Label: Sister Cylinder
Release Year: 2014
Purchase Price: 12.00
Pressing Company: A&R Records
Format: 12 inch LP
# of Records: 1
Pressing Weight: N/A
Color: Black
Gatefold: No
Digital: No
Inner Sleeves:
Matte black paper

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