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American Weekend

Reviewed by Jon Rogers on 02.10.2012

Brooklyn's Katie Crutchfield (formally of punk band P.S. Eliot) releases a new LP under the name Waxahatchee. The album, American Weekend, is out now on Don Giovanni records. It is a collection of stripped down, lo-fi folk tunes featuring Crutchfield's minimal arrangements and distinctive vocals, which range from whispers to shrieks. Apparently recorded during a snowstorm, this is a very mellow album, but with some fitting emotional moments that add to the "bedroom music" feel. Simple vinyl pressing, no frills.

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Overall Sound:


Waxahatchee obviously meant to produce a "lo-fi" album, but at times it can be distracting from the potential beauty of the songs. The overall distortion can make it difficult to determine the quality of the sound, and may unintentionally sound more like "poor recording quality" than charm or nostalgia. Some albums sound great this way, and I don't mean to criticize artistic choices, but here the extra fuzz feels unnecessary.

Pressing Quality:


A nice record in a good looking package. The vinyl caused some notable weaving on side one, but it didn't effect the sound. Again, hard to tell how high quality the pressing is because of the fidelity of the recordings, but no major pressing issues.

Vinyl Noise:


Not a lot of vinyl noise. Any occasional pops and cracks are obscured by the fuzzy recording quality.

Overall Artwork:


Simple black, white, and red images on regular card stock sleeve. Includes lyric sheet. The art features a lot of old photographs and is interesting to look at. Not the best looking album I've ever seen, but it gets bonus points for simplicity.

Overall Extras:


Apparently you can order a digital download with the record for the same price, but our copy didn't include a download. Other than the lyric sheet, there really are no extras. A very simple, affordable package that should please fans of this type of music.

Reviewed By:
Jon Rogers

I am a vinyl collector and music enthusiast with a collection of over 1000 records, which sometimes causes me to have nightmares about moving to another house. Old records, new...

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Total Score

: 3.35



Label: Don Giovanni Records
Release Year: 2012
Purchase Price: 11.00
Pressing Company: Unknown
Format: 12 inch
# of Records: 1
Pressing Weight: normal
Color: black
Gatefold: No
Digital: No
Inner Sleeves:

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