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The Brian Boggess Group

Debut EP

Reviewed by Jon Rogers on 07.24.2012

A strong mini-album of New York City power pop from this talented and witty songwriter and a cast of talented musicians. Boggess makes upbeat and catchy rock/pop, and he shows a clear admiration for analog music and recording techniques. This is a high-quality pressing with excellent sound quality as well. The record plays at 45 RPM.

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Overall Sound:


Clear and crisp recording with the right amount of warmth - lends the album a classic feel: not too polished, not at all digital (recorded to 2-inch tape), and still a little raw like rock music ought to be. Pretty strong sound quality!

Pressing Quality:


Nothing fancy but no complaints. A very simple, attractive pressing with no playing issues. Strong sound, decent materials and no noticeable weaving or warping of vinyl.

Vinyl Noise:


No noticeable vinyl noise is present - the mix is a little muddier at lower volumes, but as it says on the sleeve, "play loud." Still no static, popping, or crackling at high volumes - again, impressive sound.

Overall Artwork:


Not the best, but nothing terrible. Simple photo on the cover with stylish text for the title. Back photo has a pretty cool look, but maybe a little too digitized for my taste. Points for good-looking design and simplicity.

Overall Extras:


Our copy came with a CD, but we're not sure if that was just for promotional purposes. Doesn't seem to include the digital download either. So we're a little unclear on the "extras", but the EP is worthwhile overall. Good music, very good sound, decent packaging.

Reviewed By:
Jon Rogers

I am a vinyl collector and music enthusiast with a collection of over 1000 records, which sometimes causes me to have nightmares about moving to another house. Old records, new...

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Total Score

: 3.75



Label: Midnight Snack Records
Release Year: 2012
Purchase Price: 0.00
Pressing Company: Unknown
Format: 12 inch 45 RPM
# of Records: 1
Pressing Weight: Regular
Color: Black
Gatefold: No
Digital: No
Inner Sleeves:

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This Boggess cat is an EPIC performer. Totally one with his axe and not afraid to shine. He's been rocking hard for many years before and hopefully many more to come. This man is revolutionizing Rock-n-Roll. Getting it back to its raw roots with unprecedented arrangements and a kick ass band to back him up. WOW, you need to check this guy out !!!